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The following is a sampling of  work highlighting architectural designs, themed entertainment designs, philanthropic event planning, and producing of short films.

Clicking on images in the slide deck galleries will pull up full sized images for easier viewing.  

Core in Shell

Design/Build Studio, Spring 2022

This Design/Build Studio focused on healthcare architecture and the concept of Aging in Place. Core in Shell, the result of a 3-person team, utilizes a prefabricated utility pod (the Core) inside an existing Accessory Dwelling Unit (the Shell). 

A 4'x4', to-scale prototype was built in the studio to showcase the innovative features of the design.

Team Members include Mikel Cardiel, Daniel Mora, and Jennifer Jett.

Final presentation slides available upon request.

The Parks Mall

Studio Project, Fall 2021

To combat the extinction of "Suburban Dinosaurs," The Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas was redesigned to become a new downtown urban nucleus from which a live/work/play community can grow. Heavily inspired by the work and words of Victor Gruen, The Parks Mall takes a parks over parking approach to create a pedestrian focused community resulting in "superior environmental qualities" - a characteristic Victor Gruen claimed was important to "a healthy city heart" (The Heart of Our Cities, 1964).

The Story of the Stars

Themed Entertainment Design Studio

The Story of the Stars is a stand-alone urban installation in which Voyagers take a celestial journey through the Zodiac to learn the legends and myths of how Gods, Heroes, and Monsters earned their places in the night sky led by the Oracle of Delphi. 

When not on the ride, Voyagers can explore the 12 Alcoves dedicated to the Zodiac, lounge in the planetarium, or receive a prediction from the Oracle of Delphi.

Community Engagement Week

Vice President of Philanthropy, Event Coordinator

Community Engagement Week was a week long, online fundraiser that generated over $11,000 in profits that were donated to domestic violence shelter,  SafeHaven of Tarrant County. By targeting donations of small amounts, partnering with local businesses, and working alongside SafeHaven, this event surpassed fundraising goals - generating over a thousand dollars a day!

Honky Tonk

Vice President of Philanthropy,

Event Coordinator

Alpha Chi Omega's First Ever Honky Tonk was planned for March 27th, 2020. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to COVID-19 just after ticket sales went live. Intended to "Give Domestic Violence the Boot", this event was sure to be a rootin' tootin', boot scootin' good time!

Through the generous donations of supporters, the event still managed to generate over $1,000 to support our beneficiaries. 

Audible Oddities


Two friends, Michael and Bradley, desperately struggle to remove a Q-tip that has been lodged in Bradley's ear, putting their friendship to the test.


This buddy-comedy was written and directed by SCAD student, Andy Majure.

Rough cut of film available upon request.

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